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ArcBio is a Consulting and Projects company, focusing on providing specialized technical services in the areas of Architecture and  Environment.  It has qualified professionals and specialists with extensive experience in the areas and working in several states.

Committed to offering Integrated Solutions to its projects and focusing on Environmental sustainability, ArcBio seeks to combine the use of effective techniques with good construction practices in order to provide economic viability  and environmental to your enterprise.

Main Services:


- Architectural projects;

- Complementary Projects:  Structural, Hydraulic,   Electric...

- Urban Projects   (Condos and Subdivisions);

- Management and Administration   of Works;

- Technical monitoring of   Construction.

- Feasibility analysis   Constructive.


- Environmental Consulting;

- Licensing   Environmental;

- Environmental management   Hotelier;

- Environmental Study

- Feasibility analysis   Environmental;

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